Vizarsin 25 mg Review: A Quality Drug with Poor Availability 

Vizarsin 25 mg Review

Brand: Vizarsin

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: KrKA

Country of Manufacture: Portugal

Vizarsin Package Image

Review and Description

Vizarsin 25mg is a drug used to treat the disorder of erectile organ. This drug ensures that men with erectile dysfunction get a proper erection. A man is said to be affected by erectile dysfunction when he is unable to get a proper erection or maintain it for a longer period of time. A vast amount of male population is said to be suffering from this disease and is in search of a proper cure. Vizarsin 25mg contains an active chemical component known as sildenafil citrate which helps affected men to get a proper erection. Vizarsin blocks the type 5 phosphodiesterase enzyme and ensures that the blood vessels in the penis are expanded which creates a faster flow of blood to the penis. This mechanism allows more blood flow into the penile organ which, in turn, leads to firmer and better erection. Having a half-life of 17.5 hours, Vizarsin ensures that its effects last longer and the user gets an enhanced experience for a longer duration.

Vizarsin is a product of KRKA which is based in Portugal. KRKA is consolidating the position of one of the leading generic pharmaceutical companies in the world.  Since 1954, KRKA has been working mainly on production and sale of prescription pharmaceuticals, non-prescription products, and veterinary products. KRKA has focused primarily on the development of their own high-quality medicines, which is sold under their own brands. Having a proper presence on the internet makes KRKA trustworthy and ensures its users that its products can be relied upon.

Customer Reviews

Many customers shared their experience with Vizarsin 25mg. Some of the comments are given below.

Micheal gave his comment on 7th November and said that the modern drug is immediately visible

Micheal gave his comment on 7th November and said that “the modern drug is immediately visible”. This means that Micheal is impressed with the working of Vizarsin as it has helped him get a stronger and better erection.

Dmitry also posted a review on 13th November saying, “I tried Vizarsin, honestly, after all, known Viagra, the effect is better”. Dmitry is basically trying to say that Vizarsin 25mg is better than all the known generics of Viagra.

Yuri commented on his experience after taking Vizarsin and said that “I love a hundred square metres of Vizarsin before the nightclub”. This shows that for Yuri, clubbing has never been better with Vizarsin.

Pricing and Dosage

Vizarsin drug comes in a packing of 25mg with over at least 4 tablets per packing costing $8.01 which is, around $2.01 per tablet.

Vizarsin should be consumed as recommended by the doctor on the prescription

Vizarsin should be consumed as recommended by the doctor on the prescription. Make sure not to increase the dosage without the approval of a doctor. The effect of this drug lasts longer and it appears to be way more cheaper than Viagra in terms of cost.

How to Buy Vizarsin Online

Purchasing Vizarsin online is a very tough task, as the online presence of this medicine is almost non-existent. No pharmacies or online shops seem to have this drug in stock which makes it incredibly hard for the consumers who wish to purchase this drug. An alternative drug with same chemical element comes under the name of Fildena. It has therapeutically equivalent sildenafil and it has been proven to be effective in treating erectile dysfunction. More importantly, it is easily available in many medical stores on our TOP Rated Pharmacies List at the same, or even discounted price, as that of Vizarsin.

How to Use

Use this drug as per given on the prescription. Do not take 2 doses within 24 hours. Take the tablet(s) with at least half a glass of water but no food an hour before the planned sexual intercourse. Refrain from having alcohol or having food for an hour before or after consuming Vizarsin. Also, avoid alcohol before or after using this drug for 45-60 minutes. Also, refrain consuming milk or any other dairy products an hour before or after having Vizarsin.

Side Effects

Most observed side effects of this drug are a clogged sinus, dizziness, a troubled digestion, a dull throb in the head or back. If the following issues occur then you should stop using this drug and consult a doctor. These are acute hearing issues, a rapid heartbeat, edema, pain in the chest cavity, vomiting, sweating, shortness of breath, a painful erection and passing out. Rarely there are instances of death that is mostly due to a drug overdose or expired drugs. The higher the dosage, the more likely to experience side effects.

Conclusion with Rating

Vizarsin is an outstanding drug to deal with the growing condition of erectile dysfunction in many men today. This medicine has been rated highly by most of the consumers who have had a chance of using it. However, the drug is not easily available in the markets or at the online stores which can cause problems for many interested buyers. Overall, the drug is good in quality and is made by trusted vendors. Vizarsin 25mg gets a high rating of four stars out of five. It must be noted here that Vizarsin should only be taken after getting a permission from a registered physician.

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