Vizarsin Review: One Generic Impotence Drug from Europe—Is it Effective?

Brand: Vizarsin

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: KRKA

Country of Manufacture: Portugal

Vizarsin Review

Vizarsin Package Image

Review and Description

Vizarsin containing the drug Sildenafil Citrate is one of the generic drug alternatives available for consumers. Sildenafil Citrate-containing products are used for erectile dysfunction, although the same active ingredient has its application in the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension. Vizarsin from KRKA, though, is merely for the management of erectile dysfunction in patients.

This product is from the company KRKA from Portugal, one of the largest generic pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world. According to this company’s information, KRKA is one of the 14 largest generic pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world and has its products circulating in some 70 countries of the world. KRKA is concerned about the manufacture of generic drugs mostly in the segments of cardiovascular, central nervous system, and gastrointestinal disorders. KRKA’s products are from Europe although it now markets its products even in other countries like the United States, Asia, and Europe.

Vizarsin’s active content also happens to be the main ingredient of the product Viagra from Pfizer, the first erectile dysfunction treatment a phosphodiesterase inhibitor drug component. Sildenafil Citrate inhibits the action of the phosphodiesterase 5 enzyme in the penis tissues to ensure that the erection response will last and will be sufficient for penetration. Sildenafil Citrate encourages blood flow to the penis area and elicits smooth muscle relaxation in the tissues for up to 4 hours, so patients with erectile dysfunction are able to enjoy a “normalized” erectile response for a few hours.

Customer Reviews

Vizarsin, the drug from KRKA had several consumer testimonials available on the web although most of them were posted several years ago:

According to Sergey, who posted October 2015, he took the 100 mg version of the drug and overall, Vizarsin was able to help him with increasing his potency

According to Sergey, who posted October 2015, he took the 100 mg version of the drug and overall, Vizarsin was able to help him with increasing his potency.

Vitaliy also had an experience with Vizarsin and because of the product’s effectiveness, he recommends its use although he mentioned something about the drug giving side effects,

Alexey, another consumer, also mentioned that he liked the drug. Like Alexey, Oleg was also happy about Vizarsin and said that the drug was good and that even the “lowest possible dose” was helpful for his medical condition.

Finally, another “Oleg” named consumer also gave his thoughts about Vizarsin and stated that he took the 50 mg variant of the product (presumably with alcohol) and the drug was able to give him the stiffness he was looking for.

Pricing and Dosage

Vizarsin from KRKA is manufactured in several dosage strengths. The product is available in 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg Sildenafil Citrate hard tablets, but KRKA is also manufacturing 50 mg orally dissolvable tablets. Like Viagra, the recommended dose for Vizarsin is from 25 to 100 mg, depending on the need of the patients for the treatment.

According to one website with price data for the drug Vizarsin, the product costs

According to one website with price data for the drug Vizarsin, the product costs $6.90 to $16.83 for 4 tablets depending on the drug strength preferred by the patients. However, these prices only true at this web pharmacy and may vary from one website to another.

How to Buy Vizarsin Online

We’ve tried to look for Vizarsin at our favorite drugstores but the drug was not distributed by the shops PharmacyMall and CanadaPharmacy24h. However, instead of the drug Vizarsin, these websites are offering other cost-effective but safe to use generic Sildenafil alternatives like the drug Fildena, from one of the top manufacturers in India.

A great alternative to Vizarsin is available in the following stores:

You can expect the same Viagra level of effectiveness for erectile dysfunction from this Fildena drug since they contain the identical active ingredient. However, since Fildena is a generic drug, its prices are technically lower.

Fildena is available at the stores above at bargain prices (you can have Fildena for as low as $0.70 per pill) and apart from giving low rates for the products, patients are also offered by these shops with low shipping rates.

How to Use

Vizarsin hard tablets are taken with water, at least half an hour before the intended sexual activity. The orally dissolvable tablets, on the other hand, are also taken at least half an hour before the coital activity, but the tablets should be allowed to dissolve in the mouth and should not be taken with water.

Patients with various medical disorders should make sure that their condition will not affect how Sildenafil Citrate works in the body. Also, patients should be aware that some of the drugs they’re taking can interact with Sildenafil Citrate drugs like Vizarsin, so they need to make sure that their current meds are safe to take with Vizarsin.

Side Effects

You may encounter several side effects when taking Vizarsin and it’s because of its active component, Sildenafil Citrate. Males on Sildenafil Citrate medication sometimes complain of having headaches and stuffy nose upon taking the drug and even several hours after intake. Some males, on the other hand, also experience rare vision changes such as blurry vision and bluish-tinged vision, skin flushing, and even gastric upset. Side effects from Sildenafil Citrate drugs like Vizarsin are typically gone by the second day.

Conclusion with Rating

Vizarsin is another generic choice for patients faced with the chronic impotence disease, erectile dysfunction. This drug is from KRKA from Portugal and is distributed all over Europe, hence its reviews from users from the area. However, the drug is still unavailable for patients from other countries, so patients from locations apart from Europe should consider purchasing other brands instead. Rating for Vizarsin: 4 out of 5.

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